X-Men: Vignettes
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TP Vol 1 March, 2002 A Fire in the Night; A Love Story; Deathstar, Rising!; First Friends; First Night; Greater Love Hath No X-Man...; Hope; Lifesigns; Like a Phoenix from the Ashes!; Merry Christmas, X-Men...; Mourning; My Brother, My Enemy; Night of the Demon; Out With the Old; Phoenix; Phoenix Unleashed!; Prison of the Heart; Tag, Sucker!; The Big Dare; The Doomsmith Scenario! / Death O'er Valhalla High!; The Fall of the Tower; The Gentleman's Name is Magneto; The Gift; Warhunt!; Who Will Stop the Juggernaut?; Call Him... Cyclops; I, the Iceman; Like a Phoenix, From the Ashes!; My Brother, My Enemy!; Night of the Demon!; Second Genesis!; The Female of the Species!; Call Him...Cyclops; The Sentinels Live!; The Torch is Passed...!; The Warlock Wears Three Faces!; Cover by John BoltonL