X-Men: Vignettes
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TP Vol 2 August, 2005 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...; A Taste for Vengeance; Armageddon Now!; Dearest Friend; Desolation; First Love; Home are the Heroes!; I, Magneto; Just Don't Look in its Eyes; Magneto Triumphant; Mindgames; Mother of the Bride; Nightcrawler's High Adventure; Psi War; Showdown!; Solace; Stalking Life!; Starjammers Aloft; The Submergence of Japan; To Save the Savage Land; Vacation; Visions of Death; What Stuff Our Dreams Are Made Of...; Where No X-Man Has Gone Before!; Magneto Triumphant!; Mindgames!; Psi War!; The Submergence of Japan!; Visions of Death!; The Submergence of Japan!; 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...; Cover by John BoltonL