Bad Company: Goodbye, Krool World
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TP 2005 'oin us in 'Mutant Hospital' when Strontium Dog says...; Bargain basement horror; Break the law and he'll break you!; Criminal Genius: Dredd breaks the spell; Dark night in Mega City One!; El things bright and beautiful; Going out of your skull; Guess who's going to be dinner?; Horror on the flip side; Is this the face of '87?; Johnny Alpha: Back in Traction!'; Justice wears many faces; Knock knock!; Love at first bite?; Malcolm Ex?; Mega City Mobsters: The Big Fish!; Once was a bad dream; Powerplay!; Psycho-delia!; Pure Genius!; Reagan in alien arms control shootout!; Spread the word; The company's bad: An' Thrax is back; The hateful dead; The Judda are in town; The killing field; The king's new clothes; Torque-ing Heads; Vigilante Crimewave; Warriors on the Rerun; Who dares wear the Full Mental Jacket?; Who wears the helmet?; Your Yuletide Prog; Zombie beat!; Cover by Mark Simpson - 'Jock'L