Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (1974-1977)
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1 April, 1974 Shang-Chi-- Master of Kung Fu!; Heroes Don't Die; What To Do Till the Sensei Comes; Getting in Shape For the Martial Arts; Catching a Killer Red-Handed!; Films of Fury; The Way of the Tiger, the Sign of the Dragon and the Click of the Neilsens!; Raising Caine on Thursday Night: What's Right With Kung Fu; Hai, Karate / Kung-Fu Fan; Fu on You; The Sons of the Tiger!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
2 June, 1974 Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu; The Shaolin Priest of Laurel Canyon; The Dragon's Vengeance; What Makes the Martial Arts Work?; Lee's Life; The Dragon Has Entered, Part 1; Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu!; Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
3 August, 1974 Under the Pagoda: The Golden Gate of China; The Trail of the Ninja!; Black Belt Jones; Angela Mao- A New Superstar Rises; Sweep Your Way to Victory: Deashi Herai; The Dragon Has Entered, Part 2; Web of Bleeding Vipers!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
4 September, 1974 Circle of Serpent's Blood; The Dragon Has Entered, Part 3; Kung Fu Revisited; Night of the Death-Dream!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
5 October, 1974 Two Goals to Seek / One Path to Glory; Kung Fu vs. Karate: Which is Better?; And Men Shall Call Him... Samurai; The Casket of Hsien Han!; King Kung-Fu; The Blitzkrieg of Batroc!; Into the Jaws of Death; The Blitzkrieg of Batroc!; Cover by Bob LarkinL
6 November, 1974 Aikido; The Way of the Jackal!; A Bruce Lee Triple Feature -or- Goodbye, Saucer Men: Hello the Hong Kong Flash, Doo Wah! ; How to Create a Dragon; Lesson of the Locust!; Cover by Earl NoremL
8 January, 1975 A Hatred For All Seasons; Swords For Hire; Storm of Vengeance; Cover by Bob LarkinL
9 February, 1975 A Contest of Truth; Slaughter in Central Park!; Cover by Earl NoremL
10 March, 1975 Slay Now, Die Later / The Shaping of Vengeance / Iron and Steel!; They Who Dwell Within!; Cover by Harold ShullL
11 April, 1975 A Different Lesson in Blood Unchanged!; Gladiators in the Crypt of Tomorrow!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
12 May, 1975 The Saga of the Golden Dragon, Part 1: Blood of the Golden Dragon; The Crack of the Whip; Cover by Neal AdamsL
13 June, 1975 The Saga of the Golden Dragon, Part 2: The Dragon Dies at Midnight; Death is My Co-Star!; Cover by Luis DominguezL
14 July, 1975 The Saga of the Golden Dragon, Part 3: Thief in Golden Shadows; The Valley of Ancestors; Cover by Neal AdamsL
15 August, 1975 Midnight Brings Dark Death!; Heart of the Dragon!; Retreat; Heart of the Dragon!; Midnight Brings Dark Death!; Retreat; Cover by Nick CardyL
16 September, 1975 The Saga of the Golden Dragon, Part 4: Demons in Painted Death; The Corpse Rider; The Rites of Every Citizen; Cover by Luis DominguezL
17 October, 1975 The Saga of the Golden Dragon, Part 5: The Key to the Dragon's Heart; Politics of Death!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
18 November, 1975 The Saga of the Golden Dragon, Part 6: Secret of the Dragon; Fists of Darkness, Fists of Death!; Cover by Nick CardyL
19 December, 1975 The Living Weapon, Part 1: Shall I Love the Bird of Fire?; An Ending!; Cover by Bob LarkinL
20 January, 1976 The Living Weapon, Part 2: Soulslayer; The Beginning; Cover by Ken BarrL
21 February, 1976 The Living Weapon, Part 3: And When I Died; To Claw the Eyes of Night!; Cover by Bob LarkinL
22 March, 1976 The Living Weapon, Part 4: To Storm the Gates of Hell; Who is the White Tiger; Cover by Ken BarrL
23 April, 1976 The Living Weapon, Part 5: Bridge of Sorrow, Bridge of Pain; Revenge is the Jack of Hearts, Tiger--; Cover by Ken BarrL
24 May, 1976 The Living Weapon, Part 6: The Angry Dragon... Kills!; Tiger, Tiger.. Burning Bright--; Cover by Bob LarkinL
25 June, 1976 Samurai!; Swordquest, Part 1: Destiny Cross-Swords; Cover by Earl NoremL
27 August, 1976 ...Death is a Game Called Handball!; Swordquest, Part 3: The Ninja Conspiracy!; Cover by Earl NoremL
28 September, 1976 Legend of the Dragon: The Dragon and the Golden Gate! / The Slowboat to Hollywood! / The Hong Kong Connection / The Flute That Failed! / Beyond Hong Kong!; Cover by Ken BarrL
29 October, 1976 To Slay the Savior; Flesh of My Flesh!; Cover by Earl NoremL
30 November, 1976 Threads of Evil... Web of Hate!; Swordquest, Part 4: Field of Honor; Cover by Earl NoremL
31 December, 1976 Dark Waters of Death!; Cover by Bob LarkinL
32 January, 1977 Daughters of the Dragon; The Tiger-Sons Must Die!; Cover by Malcolm McNeillL
33 February, 1977 Between Two Hates; Sword of Vengeance; Cover by Earl NoremL