Howard the Duck Magazine (1979-1981)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 October, 1979 Fowl of Fear! / The $64,0000 Desperado! / From Hell It Cometh... Chair-Thing!; Cover by Gary HallgrenL
2 December, 1979 Animal Indecency!; The Crash of '79!; Cover by Val MayerikL
3 February, 1980 A Christmas For Carol!; Duck Soup; Cover by Jack DavisL
4 March, 1980 The Maltese Cockroach; The Dreadcliff Cuckoos!: Meeting of So-Called Minds / Fuhrer Knows Best!; Cover by John PoundL
5 May, 1980 The Tomb of Drakula!; Captain Americana; Cover by Larry FredericksL
6 July, 1980 Duckworld! / Be It Ever So Humble... / Webbed Feet of Clay! / Fame! / Duck-Hunt; Street Peeple; Cover by John PoundL
7 September, 1980 Of Dice and Ducks!: Swamp Fever! / Bring Back My Baby to Me! / The Good, the Bad, and Howard the Duck!; Dynamite, Baby!!; Cover by John PoundL
8 November, 1980 The Grey Panther; Ducktective Comics; Best Friends; Cover by John PoundL
9 March, 1981 Do Do That Voodoo!; Heavy Business in a Mediocre Motel!; The Linoleum Lizard; Cover by John PoundL