Groo Chronicles (1989-1990)
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HC 1990 Chakaal; Chakaal!; Cobalt 60; Cobalt-60, Part 1; Corporate Wars; Duet; Fire's Kin: A Morrigan Tale; Friends and Enemies; Friends and Enemies; Groo and the Poachers; Groo the Wanderer; It's Got the Whole Its Hand!; Relic; Shanghaied!; Shanghaied!; The Caravan; The Caravan; The Last Galactus Story, Part 2: The Shadows in the Stone; The Missive; The Missive; The Music of Murkos!; The Story of the Kalelis; The Swords of Groo; The Turn of the Wheel; The Turn of the Wheel!; The Wizard War; The Wizard War; Toadswart d'Amplestone, Part 3: ...And All the King's Men...; Warriors Two; Warriors Two; Cover by Sergio AragonesL