New Fun Comics (1935)
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5 August, 1935 Damsel in Distress, Part 1; The Gavonian Affair, Part 5; Prince of Patrania, Part 3; Women Riders of the Winged Death; In the Wake of the Wander, Part 3; In Far Off China Sits Fang Gow; On the Road, Part 4; And So It Goes; Shavetail; Indian Ambush, Part 5; The Magdalena Kid; The Haunted House, Part 1; Ur the Caveboy, Part 5; Junior Funsters; The Bedouins, Part 5; Charley Fish; Books; New Fun Magic; Saving the 945; Treasure Island, Episode 1; Comic Shorts; The Mystery Plane, Part 1; Professor; Sports; Movies/Radio; Cover by W.C. BrighamL
6 October, 1935 Wing Brady; Magic Crystal of History; Jack Woods; The Gavonian Affair, Part 6; Ivanhoe, Episode 6; Pelion and Ossa; Buckskin Jim; Don Drake; 2023: Super Police; Oswald the Rabbit; Jack Andrews; After School; The Vampire Master; Henri Duval; Skipper Hicks; Little Linda; Dewey and the Pirates, Part 3; Ramblin' Jim; The Haunted House, Part 2; Treasure Island, Episode 2; Along the Main Line; Bob Merritt; Man's Inventions; Famous Flights; Charley Fish; In the Wake of the Wander, Part 4; Spike Spalding; Brad Hardy; In Far Off China; Continues As More Fun: The Big Comic Magazine (1936) #7; Cover by Vin SullivanL