Avengers: Celestial Madonna (2002)
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TP March, 2002 Bid Tomorrow Goodbye!; The Reality Problem!; A Quiet Half-Hour in Saigon!; Kang War II, Part 1; Kang War II, Part 2: ...What Time Hath Put Asunder!; The Origin of Mantis, Part 1: Yesterday and Beyond...; The Origin of Mantis, Part 2: The Times That Bind!; Origin of the Vision: The Torch is Passed!; A Blast From the Past!; ...Let All Men Bring Together; Betrayed By the Ants!!; Prisoners of the Pharaoh!; The Avengers Battle... The Space Phantom; Then Came... The Black Widow; I Found the Impossible World!; Secret of the Statues!; The Space Phantom; Cover by Dave CockrumL