New Mutants Classic
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 June, 2006 Flying Down to Rio!; Heroes; Initiation!; Nightmare; Renewal; Road Warriors!; Sentinels; The Goldilocks Syndrome! (Or: Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?); Who's Scaring Stevie?; Cover by Bob McLeodL
TP Vol 2 March, 2007 Arena; Away Game!; Betrayal!; Do You Believe in -- Magik?; Getaway!; Magma; Scaredy Cat!; School Daysze; Sunstroke; The Road to... Rome?; Cover by Tom MandrakeL
TP Vol 3 June, 2008 Badlands; Death-Hunt; Shadowman; Siege; Slumber Party!; The Cosmic Cannonball Caper; The Hollow Heart; The Only Thing to Fear...; The Shadow Within; Cover by Bill SienkiewiczL
TP Vol 4 May, 2009 Against All Odds; Into the Abyss; Legion; Meanwhile, Back at the Mansion...; Saturday Night Fight; Soulwar; The Singer and Her Song; To the Ends of the Earth; With a Little Bit of Luck!; Cover by Bill SienkiewiczL
TP Vol 5 May, 2010 Aftermath!; Avengers Assemble!; Home is Where the Heart is; If I Should Die; Pawns of the White Queen; Subway to Salvation!; The Times, They Are A'Changin'!; There's No Place Like Home; Cover by Rick LeonardiL
TP Vol 6 July, 2011 Getting Even; Mutant Massacre, Part 5: Bloody Sunday; My Heart For the Highlands; New Song For Old; Performance; Runaway!; Way of the Warrior; We Were Only Foolin'; Why Do We Do These Things We Do?; Cover by Rick LeonardiL