Best of Marvel (1994-1996)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1994 November, 1994 Harvest of a Quiet Eye; White Face, Black Face, Red Face: Face Value; Killing Streets; Omnia Mutantur; Afterlives; Zero Hour; The Ties That Bind; The Last Waltz; Motions; An Obituary For Octopus; Captive Fire; Going Through the Motions; Omnia Mutantur (Everything Changes); Ren-Tech's RevengeL
1995 November, 1995 The Gift; Dream Lover; American Caesar; Don't Touch That Dial!; Notes From the Underground; The Enemy of My Enemy...; Fall of the Pantheon Epilogue: One Fell Off; The Cycle of Life; Blockbuster; Growing Pains, Part 4: Party Monster; Planet of the Symbiotes, Part 4: Invasion!; The Morning After; The Parker Legacy, Part 1: A Shock to the SystemL
1996 November, 1996 Sanctuary; The Devil's Work!; Onslaught Impact 2: Unfinished Business; The Teeth of Our Skin; The Usual Suspects; Putting on the Bear Shirt; Unspoken Promises; With Great Power...; Without Warning; Roads Not Taken!L