Hulk Visionaries: Peter David
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 February, 2005 Crossroads; Dance With the Devil!; Grave Circumstances; Inconstant Moon; Mercy Killing; Native Son; Quality of Life; The Evil That Men Do!; X-Tremes!L
TP Vol 2 September, 2005 L
TP Vol 3 May, 2006 Before the Fall; Down and Out in... Las Vegas; Fervor; Pride Goeth...; Reunion; The Sure Thing; Total Recall; Warzone; Cover by Jeff PurvesL
TP Vol 4 July, 2007 Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot; Black Shadow! White Shadow!, Part 8: Origins!; Control Problems; Inferno - 2 Hulk ----- 0; Iron Tears; Nightmoves; Now You See It...; Panther's Quest, Part 14: Somebody's Going to Pay; Pharaoh's Legacy, Part 3: A Heart on Fire; Phasing Out; Possibilities; Rise, and Shine, Part 1: New York; Soul Man; Splashdown; Stardust Miseries, Part 8: Reach For the Stars; Still Life; The Main Event; Cover by John ByrneL
TP Vol 5 February, 2008 Countdown, Part 1: Madman; Countdown, Part 2: The Leader; Countdown, Part 3: Fantastic 4; Countdown, Part 4: Abomination; He's Back; Lifeform, Part 3: Quality of Mercy; Natural Selection; Silent Screams; Strange But True; Strange Matters; The Hulk's Ten Best Brawls; The Nightmare Never Ends!; You Can't Always Get What You Want; Cover by Dale KeownL
TP Vol 6 January, 2009 Crazy Eight; Exposition; Hit and Myth; Honey, I Shrunk the Hulk; Mending Fences; Moving On; Night of the Living Skrulls; No Autographs; Personality Conflict; Rhino Plastered; Cover by Dale KeownL
TP Vol 7 2010 Dark Dominion; Green Canard; Hero Worship; Hiding Behind Mosques; Little Hitler; Not to the Swift; Of Man and Man-Thing; Small Talk; Subterranean Wars, Part 2: Old as the Hills; Thicker Than Water; Vicious CycleL
TP Vol 8 August, 2011 Cold Storage; Frost Bite; Grudge Match; Mano a Mano; Nobody Loves the Hulk; Psychological Ramifications of Gamma Radiation; Return to Vegas; The Closing Circle / The Hulk Challenged! / The Hulk Unleashed! / The Hulk Confronted; The Return of the Defenders, Part 1: Four on the Floor; The Running Man; Things to Come; War and Pieces, Part 1: This Means War; War and Pieces, Part 2: X-Calation; War and Pieces, Part 3: Fortunes of War; X-Communication; Cover by Dale KeownN