Secrets of Sinister House (1972-1974)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
5 July, 1972 Death at Castle Dunbar; Cover by Nick CardyL
6 September, 1972 Midnight is Rapidly Approaching...; When is Tomorrow Yesterday?; Brief Reunion!; The Man Hater; Cover by Michael Kaluta - 'Mike Kaluta'L
7 November, 1972 Panic!; As Long as You Live... Stay Away from Water!; The Hag's Curse / The Hampton's Revenge!L
8 December, 1972 The Young Man Who Cried... Werewolf... Once Too Often; Paying with Fire; Moonlight Bay!; Cover by Nick CardyL
9 February, 1973 Rub a Witch the Wrong Way!; The Dance of the Damned; The Abominable Snowman; Cover by Jack SparlingL
10 March, 1973 Castle Curse; The Cards Never Lie!; Losing His Head; Cover by Jack SparlingL
11 April, 1973 The Monster of Death Island; The Enemy; Bedlam; Cover by Jack SparlingL
12 July, 1973 A Very Cold Guy; The Ultimate Horror; August Heat; Cover by Luis DominguezL
13 September, 1973 Deadly Muffins; A Taste of Blood; The Greed Inside; Cover by Nick CardyL
14 October, 1973 The Man and the Snake; The Roommate; The Glass Nightmare; Cover by Luis DominguezL
15 November, 1973 The Claws of the Harpy; Hunger; Mr. Reilly the Derelict!; Cover by Nick CardyL
16 February, 1974 Hound You to Your Grave; The Haunted House-Mobile; No Coffin Can Hold Me; Cover by Nick CardyL
17 1974 L
18 July, 1974 The Baby Who Had but One Year to Die; The House that Death Built; The Half-Lucky Charm!; Cover by Nick CardyL