Comic Cavalcade (1942-1954)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 Winter, 1942 The Mystery of the House of Seven Gables; Crime's Birthday Party; Crime Takes the Count; Cover by Frank HarryL
3 Summer, 1943 The Invisible Invader; The Bushmaster; The Laws of Pumpkin Center; The Man Most Like to Succeed; Cover by Frank HarryL
4 Fall, 1943 The Purloined Pressue Coordinator; Have You Read Any Good Books Lately?; Winky Turns Wrestler; Turncoat Terrorism; Cover by Frank HarryL
5 Winter, 1943 Mystery of the Crimson Flame; Hold on to Your Hat; The Plant that Challenged the World; Curious Case of the Missing Magic; Cover by Frank HarryL
6 Spring, 1944 The Mystery of Countess Mazuma; They are Invincible; Topsy Turvy Town; Auction of Happiness; Cover by Paul ReinmanL
7 Summer, 1944 Fantastic Fate of the Fraternity Felons; The Vulture's Nest; The Man with the Notorious Nose; Cover by Frank HarryL
8 Fall, 1944 The Amazon Bride; Is the Kid a Killer?; The Man Who Tilted Windmills; Cover by Frank HarryL
9 Winter, 1944 The Subsea Pirates; A Tale of a City; The Tale of the Winged Horse; Cover by Everett HibbardL
10 Spring, 1945 The Great Blue Father; The Man with the Missing Memory; Cover by Everett HibbardL
11 Summer, 1945 The Cheetah Returns; Two Characters in Search of a Brain; Shenanigans in Sherwood Forest; Cover by Everett HibbardL
12 Fall, 1945 Rebellion on Paradise Island; A Race Against Time; Cover by Everett HibbardL
13 Winter, 1945 The Underwater Follies; And Then There was One; The Story of the First Santa Claus; Cover by Everett HibbardL
14 April-May, 1946 The Severed Bracelets; The Fourth Dimensional House; Mayhem Comes to Town; Cover by Everett HibbardL
15 June-July, 1946 Flaming Fury; Spend Till it Hurts; The Human Key; Cover by Frank HarryL
16 August-September, 1946 The Battle of Desires; Pound the Ivories, Pal; The Headstrong Heads; Cover by Everett HibbardL
17 October-November, 1946 The Valkyries' Prey; The Flying Tractor; Da Social Lion; Cover by Everett HibbardL
18 December-January, 1946 The Menace of the Rebel Manlings; The Galloping Greenbacks; The Meaning of 'D'; Cover by Everett HibbardL
19 February-March, 1947 The Battle for Eternal Youth; The Race Through Time; Mr. Nobody; Grin and Bear ItL
20 April-May, 1947 The Buddha Wishing Ring; The Most Expensive Marble in the World; Turnabout is Foul Play; The Man Who was First; Cover by Martin Nodell - 'Mart Nodell, Mart Dellon'L
21 June-July, 1947 The Siege of the Flying Mermaids; The Making of a Reporter; The Man Who Couldn't Fail; Cover by Everett HibbardL
22 August-September, 1947 The Captives of Saturnette; Crimes in Duplicate; The Kid by the Side of the Road; Bloodhound Compass; Beware the Ice Age; Cover by Martin Nodell - 'Mart Nodell, Mart Dellon'L
23 October-November, 1947 Siege of the Iron Giants; A Very Honorable Guy; If Guns Could Only Talk; The Most Popular Hat in the World; The Sleeping City; Cover by Harry LampertL
24 December-January, 1947 Empress of the Sea-Brigands; The Story of Professor Kendle; The Slow-Motion Crimes; The Case of the Withered Flower; Cover by Irwin HasenL
25 February-March, 1948 Hatred of Badra; The Talking Dog; Tune of Terror; The Return of Kiua; Cover by Bob OksnerL
26 April-May, 1948 Deception's Daugter; Doorway into Time; Forecast: Danger; Crime Has Many Faces; Cover by Bob OksnerL
27 June-July, 1948 Anti-Electric; The Island of Little People; The April Fool's Day Crimes; The Trees of Terror; Cover by Alex TothL
28 August-September, 1948 The Sinister Countess Hatra; The Treasure of Diaz; The Treasure of Plateau City; The Flash Concerto; The Mystery of the Midway Tunnel; Cover by Irwin HasenL
29 October-November, 1948 The Machine of Schemes; Situation Wanted; The Last Man Alive; The Lovely LadyL