Comic Cavalcade (1942-1954)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
10 Spring, 1945 The Great Blue Father; The Man with the Missing Memory; Cover by Everett HibbardL
19 February-March, 1947 The Battle for Eternal Youth; The Race Through Time; Mr. Nobody; Grin and Bear ItL
20 April-May, 1947 The Buddha Wishing Ring; The Most Expensive Marble in the World; Turnabout is Foul Play; The Man Who was First; Cover by Martin Nodell - 'Mart Nodell, Mart Dellon'L
22 August-September, 1947 The Captives of Saturnette; Crimes in Duplicate; The Kid by the Side of the Road; Bloodhound Compass; Beware the Ice Age; Cover by Martin Nodell - 'Mart Nodell, Mart Dellon'L
23 October-November, 1947 Siege of the Iron Giants; A Very Honorable Guy; If Guns Could Only Talk; The Most Popular Hat in the World; The Sleeping City; Cover by Harry LampertL
27 June-July, 1948 Anti-Electric; The Island of Little People; The April Fool's Day Crimes; The Trees of Terror; Cover by Alex TothL