Batman (1940-2011)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
206 November, 1968 Cover by Irv NovickL
220 March, 1970 This Murder Has Been Pre-Recorded; Cover by Neal AdamsL
257 August, 1974 L
260 Febuary, 1975 This One'll Kill You, Batman; Cover by Nick CardyL
263 May, 1975 Cover by Dick GiordanoL
264 June, 1975 Death of a Daredevil; Cover by Dick GiordanoL
273 March, 1976 Cover by Ernie Chan - 'Ernie Chua'L
297A March, 1978 The Mad Hatter Goes Straight; Cover by Jim AparoL
301A July, 1978 L
302A August, 1978 L
303 September, 1978 Batman's Great Identity Switch; If Justice Be Served; Cover by Jim AparoL
304 October, 1978 L
311A May, 1979 Dr. Phosphorus is Back!; Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - 'Jose Lopez'L
315A September, 1979 L
324B June, 1980 The Cat Who Would Be King!; Whitman VariantL
327A September, 1980 Asylum Sinister!L
337B July, 1981 Direct EditionL
341 November, 1981 The Ghost of Wayne MansionL
342A December, 1981 Requiem For a Hero; Newsstand EditionL
343A January, 1982 NewsstandL
344 February, 1982 Monster My Sweet!; Cover by Joe KubertL
345B March, 1982 The Diabolical Dr. Death; Calling Dr. Death; Terror Train!; Direct Edition; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
346A April, 1982 Half A Hero...; In The Land Of The Dead!; Newsstand EditionL
347B May, 1982 Direct EditionL
348 June, 1982 L
349A July, 1982 Blood Sport; The Man, The Bullet, The Cat, Part 2; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
350A August, 1982 Nightmare in Crimson; Those Lips, Those Eyes; Newsstand EditionL
351A September, 1982 What Stalks the Gotham Night?; Newsstand EditionL
352A October, 1982 Newsstand EditionL
353B November, 1982 Last Laugh; Direct Edition; Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - 'Jose Lopez'L
354 December, 1982 L
355A January, 1983 Newsstand EditionL
356B February, 1983 Direct EditionL
357B March, 1983 Direct EditionL
358B April, 1983 Don't Mess With Killer Croc!; Direct Edition; Cover by Edward Hannigan - 'Ed Hannigan'L
359B May, 1983 Direct EditionL
360B June, 1983 Direct EditionL
361A July, 1983 Newsstand EditionL
362A August, 1983 Newsstand EditionL
363 September, 1983 L
364B October, 1983 Direct EditionL
368A Febuary, 1984 A Revenge of Rainbows; Newsstand EditionL
374B August, 1984 Direct EditionL
376A October, 1984 Newsstand EditionL
382 April, 1985 L
400B October, 1986 Resurrection Night!; Direct Edition; Cover by Bill SienkiewiczL
410B August, 1987 Two of a Kind; Direct Edition; Cover by Dave CockrumL
421B July, 1988 Elmore's Lady; Direct Edition; Cover by Jerry BinghamL
485B October, 1992 Faces of Death; Direct Edition; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
Annual 8A 1982 Newsstand EditionL