Green Lantern (2005-2011)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
21A September, 2007 Sinestro Corps War, Part 2: Fear & Loathing; Sinestro Corps War, Part 2; Cover by Ivan ReisL
24 December, 2007 Sinestro Corps War, Part 8: Home Invasion; Cover by Ivan ReisL
25A January, 2008 Sinestro Corps War, Part 11: Birth of the Black Lantern; Cover by Ivan ReisL
32 August, 2008 Secret Origin, Part 4; Cover by Ivan ReisL
33 September, 2008 Secret Origin, Part 5; Cover by Ivan ReisL
34 October, 2008 Secret Origin, Part 6; Cover by Ivan ReisL
38A March, 2009 Rage of the Red Lanterns, Part 4; Cover by Shane DavisL
45A October, 2009 Love Hurts; Cover by Doug MahnkeL
46A November, 2009 Feared; Cover by Doug MahnkeL
47A December, 2009 To Hell and Back; Cover by Doug MahnkeL
51A April, 2010 Parallax Rebirth, Part 2; Cover by Doug MahnkeL
52A May, 2010 Life Blood; Cover by Doug MahnkeL
53A June, 2010 The New Guardians, Part 1; Cover by Doug MahnkeL
62A March, 2011 The New Guardians, Part 5; Cover by Ardian SyafL
65A June, 2011 War of the Green Lanterns, Part 4; Cover by Doug MahnkeL