Brigade (1992-1993)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1A August, 1992 Sabotage !; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Rob LiefeldN
1B August, 1992 Sabotage !; Direct Edition; Cover by Rob LiefeldL
1C August, 1992 Sabotage !; Gold Foil Cover; Cover by Rob LiefeldL
1D August, 1992 Sabotage !; Autographed by Marat Mychaels with COA; Cover by Rob LiefeldL
2A October, 1992 Eve of DestructionL
2B October, 1992 Eve of Destruction; Autographed by Marat Mychaels with COAL
3 February, 1993 Battlefront; Cover by Paul ScottL
4 July, 1993 Flip-Book Youngblood #5; Cover by Rob LiefeldL