Superman (1939-1986, 2006-2011)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
271 January, 1974 The Man Who Murdered Metropolis!; Cover by Nick CardyL
290 August, 1975 The Man Who Cried Super-'Wolf'!; Cover by Curt SwanL
308 February, 1977 This Planet is Mine!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
313 July, 1977 The Only Way You'll Save Earth... Is Over My Dead Body!; Cover by Dick DillinL
315 September, 1977 Good Evening, Superman. I'm Clark Kent... and You're Not!; Cover by Allen Milgrom - 'Al Milgrom'L
316 October, 1977 The Heart Attack That Crippled Superman!; Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - 'Jose Lopez'L
323C May, 1978 The Man With The Self-Destruct Mind!; UK EditionL
325C July, 1978 The Super Sell Out of Metropolis!; UK Edition; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
333B March, 1979 Happy New Year... Rest In Peace!; UK EditionL
335C May, 1979 Mxyzptlk Spelled Backwards Is T-R-O-U-B-L-E; UK EditionL
336C June, 1979 A Rose By Any Other Name; UK Edition; Cover by Ross Andru,Bob OksnerL
337C July, 1979 Too Many Crooks!; UK Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
339C September, 1979 Nuclear Nightmare!; UK EditionL
340C October, 1979 The Night Of The Walking Bomb!; UK EditionL
341C November, 1979 The Man Who Could Cause Catastrophe!; UK EditionL
342C December, 1979 Hero Under Glass!; UK Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
345C March, 1980 When Time Ran Backward!; UK Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
347B May, 1980 The Sleeper Out Of Time!; UK EditionL
350A August, 1980 Clark Kent's Vanishing ClassmatesL
353B November, 1980 The Fantastic Foe Superman Could Never Meet!; The Secret Origin Of Bruce (Superman) Wayne; Direct EditionL
354B December, 1980 Twice Upon A Time!; The Debut of Superman III!; Direct Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
355C January, 1981 Momentus, Master of the Moon!; The Destruction of New Metropolis; UK EditionL
361C July, 1981 Stowaway From the Stars!; The Ace of New Metropolis!; UK Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
365B November, 1981 When Kryptonians Clash!; Where, O Where Has Superboy Gone?; Direct Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
366B December, 1981 Revenge, Superman-Style; Perry White's Superboy Scoop!; Direct EditionL
374B August, 1982 Love Is Deadlier... The Second Time Around!; Pete Ross' Crowning Achievement!; Direct Edition; Cover by Gil KaneL
376 October, 1982 The Ozone-Master Comes Calling!; SupergirlL
378B December, 1982 The Man Who Saved The Future!; Direct EditionL