Superman (1939-1986, 2006-2011)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
353B November, 1980 The Fantastic Foe Superman Could Never Meet!; The Secret Origin Of Bruce (Superman) Wayne; Direct EditionL
354B December, 1980 Twice Upon A Time!; The Debut of Superman III!; Direct Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
355C January, 1981 Momentus, Master of the Moon!; The Destruction of New Metropolis; UK EditionL
361C July, 1981 Stowaway From the Stars!; The Ace of New Metropolis!; UK Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
365B November, 1981 When Kryptonians Clash!; Where, O Where Has Superboy Gone?; Direct Edition; Cover by Ross AndruL
366B December, 1981 Revenge, Superman-Style; Perry White's Superboy Scoop!; Direct EditionL
374B August, 1982 Love Is Deadlier... The Second Time Around!; Pete Ross' Crowning Achievement!; Direct Edition; Cover by Gil KaneL
376 October, 1982 The Ozone-Master Comes Calling!; SupergirlL
378B December, 1982 The Man Who Saved The Future!; Direct EditionL
389B November, 1983 Brother Act!; Direct EditionL
391B January, 1984 Who Stole the Newswoman of the Year!; Direct Edition; Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - 'Jose Lopez'L
394B April, 1984 The Man Who Would Be President!; Direct EditionL
399B September, 1984 The Man Who Saw Superman Die!; Never Too Busy For A Fan!; Direct EditionL
404B February, 1985 Born To Be Superman!; Direct EditionL
405B March, 1985 The Mystery Of The Super-Batman!; Yes, Lowell, there Is A Superman; Direct EditionL
406B April, 1985 The Fight For The Right To Be Superman!; Direct EditionL
409B July, 1985 The Sleepwalker From Krypton; Direct EditionL