Marvel Holiday Special (1991-Present)
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1992 January, 1993 --Zounds O' Silence!; Present Tense; The Big X-Mas Blackout!; In the Spirit of the Season; Revisionist History; Yule Memory; Holiday on Ice; The Rapt Lamb; Christmas 1992 (Cover says Jan. 1993); Wraparound Cover; Cover by Arthur Adams - 'Art Adams'L
1994 January, 1995 Catastrophe on 34th Street; A Midnight Clear; Losin' the Blues; The Eternal Game; Star of the Show!; 'Twas the Night Before X-Mas--; Christmas 1994 (Cover says 1994); Cover by George PerezL
2005 January, 2006 The Mole Man's Christmas; Yes, Virginia, There is a Santron; Christmas Day in Manhattan; Christmas 2005; Cover by Stuart ImmonenL
2006 February, 2007 A.I.M. Long Syne; How Fin Fang Foom Saved Christmas; A is For Annihilus; Christmas 2006; Cover by Frazer IrvingL