Showcase '95
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 January, 1995 Perfect Form; Do the Clothes Make the Man; Ghosts; Cover by Tom GrummettL
2 February, 1995 L
3 March, 1995 Cover by Barry KitsonL
4 April, 1995 Cover by Jackson Guice - 'Butch Guice'L
5 June, 1995 Thorn, Spoiler, Firehawk; Cover by Humberto RamosL
6 July, 1995 Cheaters Always Prosper; Alienation of Unification; Learning Curve; Cover by Denis RodierL
7 August, 1995 Exit to Eden, Part 1; Hiding Place on Rye, Hold the Mayo; A Shadow over Eden; Cover by Christian AlamyL
8 September, 1995 Exit to Eden, Part 1; Lian's Present; Sunken Beauty; Cover by Dan JurgensL
9 October, 1995 Lois Lane, Lobo, Martian ManhunterL
10 Early November, 1995 Gangbuster, Ferrin Colos, Hi-TechL
11 Late November, 1995 Agent Liberty, Arkham Asylum, Hi-Tech; Cover by Dan JurgensL
12 December, 1995 Rust Never Sleeps; Cover by Tom GrummettL