Tales of the Batman: Don Newton
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HC December, 2011 A Tale Of Two Heroes; Corruption; Crime Calls Killer Moth!; Death-Gamble of a Darknight Detective!; Fragrance Of Death!; Fugitive From Two Worlds!; Murder By Thunderbolt; Night of Siege; Oil, Oil... Nowhere!; Operation Time Bomb; Prescription For Tragedy!; Short Circuit; SST..The Super-Sonic Threat!; The Assassination Of Batgirl!; The Brimstone Connection; The Case of the Cavorting Corpse!; The Crystal Armageddon!; The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Contract!; The Fatal Finale!; The Hospitable Hostage!; The Menace of the Murder Machines!; The Mystery Murderer Of Mrs. Batman!; The Mystery of the Mobile Museum!; The Pathway Of Doom...; The Riddle Of The Golden Fleece; The Target Of The Death-Dealer; The Vengeance Vow!; Time.. My Dark Destiny!; With This Ring Find Me Dead!; Yesterday Never Dies!; Cover by Don NewtonL