Avengers Assemble (2004-2007)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 1 July, 2004 ...Always An Avenger!; Accusation Most Foul, Part 1; Accusation Most Foul, Part 2: Earth's Mightiest Frauds?; Live Kree or Die!, Part 4: The Court Martial of Carol Danvers; Once An Avenger..., Part 1: And There Came A Day... / Avengers Assemble! / A Common Threat... / ...To Fight the Foes...; Once An Avenger..., Part 2: The Call; Once An Avenger..., Part 3: Fata Morgana; Pomp & Pageantry; The Villain Who Fell From Grace With the Earth; To Challenge a Champion!; Too Many Avengers!; Turbulence!; Cover by George PerezL
HC Vol 2 March, 2005 Cage of Freedom; Day of the Remains; Hi, Honey... I'm Hooooome!; Lords & Leaders; Mistaken Identity; Old Entanglements; The Battle For Imperion City!; The Three-Fold Path; Ultron Unlimited, Part 1: This Evil Renewed; Ultron Unlimited, Part 2: This Evil Unfolding; Ultron Unlimited, Part 3: This Evil Unveiled; Ultron Unlimited, Part 4: This Evil Triumphant!; Ultron Unlimited, Prelude: Our Top Story Tonight; Cover by George PerezL
HC Vol 3 July, 2006 ...Under Cover of Night!; And So It Begins...; At Last: The Decision!; Avengers Assemble!; Five Dooms to Save Tomorrow!; Harsh Judgements; New Order; Showdown; The Day the Strangers Came; The Death-Song of Kulan Gath, Part 1: Long Shadows of Forgotten Spires; The Death-Song of Kulan Gath, Part 2: A Dream of Bitter Ash; The Death-Song of Kulan Gath, Part 3: Conclusion!; The Death-Trap of Doctor Doom!; The Nefaria Protocols, Part 4: Tainted Love; The Nefaria Protocols, Part 1: Two Ships; The Nefaria Protocols, Part 2: Behind the Masque!; The Nefaria Protocols, Part 3: Chasing Your Own Tail!; The Nefaria Protocols, Part 5: Keeping an Ion the Crowd!; The Nefaria Protocols, Part 6; The Ninth Day; Acts of Vengeance Epilogue; Clowning Around; Media Watch; The Terminus Factor, Part 5: Beat Me in St. Louis...; The Old Order Changeth!; Cover by George PerezL
HC Vol 4 January, 2007 A Very Dangerous Planet; Above and Beyond; Condition: Green; Interstellar Intrigues; Maximum Security, Part 1: Illegal Aliens; Maximum Security, Part 2: A World of Hurt; Maximum Security, Part 3: Whatever the Cost!; No Rest For the Weary; Out of the Shadows...! / Heroes Assembled! / Seven...Against Thebes? / Wonders of the Ancients! / O, Brave New World...! / Deadly Reunion! / This Evil...Unveiled! / The Lone & Level Sands...; Scorched Earth; The Cat Came Back! / ...And We're Back! / Our Town / Enter: The Avengers / To Smash a Serpent / Shadows Linger; Thoom; Cover by Alan DavisL