Avengers: Hawkeye - Earth's Mightiest Marksman (2012)
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HC February, 2012 Altered Spirits, Part 4: True Spirit; Assaulted By Oddball!; Battered By Batroc!; Diabolique, Part 1: Kidstuff; Diabolique, Part 2: What Are Little Girls Made of?; Duty and Country; Masters of the Game; Origins, Part 1; Origins, Part 2; Rage; Rocky Reunion, Part 1; Rocky Reunion, Part 2: Bellies Full of Fire; Rocky Reunion, Part 3: The Hungry Wolf; Run of the Arrow; Shafted; Smells Like Teen Spirit, Part 1: History is What You Make of It; Smells Like Teen Spirit, Part 2: Memories Aren't What They Used to Be; Smells Like Teen Spirit, Part 3: Yesterday Will Be More Fun Than Tomorrow Was; Trounced By Taskmaster!; Also See: Marvel Premiere Classic Library HC Vol 84; Cover by Scott KolinsL