X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omnibus
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HCA February, 2012 ...Endings; A Legion Quest Addendum: An Hour of Last Things; Abandoned Children; Beginnings...; Body Heat; Breaking Away; Burn; Bye; Choosing Sides; Fire in the Sky!; From the Top; Hither Comes the Sugar Man!; Holocaust!; In Excess; Into the Maelstrom!; It Only Hurts When I Sing; Legion Quest, Part 1: The Son Rises in the East; Legion Quest, Part 2: The Killing Time; Legion Quest, Part 3: Auld Lang Syne; Legion Quest, Part 4: Dreams Die!; No Exit; On Consecrated Ground; On Fire; Once More, With Feeling; Open Wounds; Parents of the Atom; Reckonings; Sacrificial Lambs; Sinister Neglect; Some of Us Looking to the Stars; The Art of War; The Common Right of Toads and Men; The Crossing Guards; The Infernal Gallop; The Maze; To the Limits of Infinity; Turning Point; Unforgiven Trespasses; Where No External Has Gone Before!; Cover by Billy TanL