X-Men: The Fall of the Mutants (2011)
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HC May, 2011 A Bird in the Hand; All Together Now!; America the Scorched!; Birds of a Feather; Casualties; Children's Crusade; Crossroads; Death By Drowning!; False Dawn!; Fang and Claw!; Flying Wild!; For Every Action...; Go Tell the Spartans; Ground Zero; Heartbreak!; If I Should Die...; Judgment Day!; Life or Death!; Masks; Omens and Portents; Our Way!; Scavenger Hunt!; Suspended Ani-Mation!; The Belly of the Beast!; The Dark Before the Dawn; The Enemy Within!; The Turning Point!; Unfinished Business; Vicious Circle; X-Tremes!; You Say You Want Some Evolution?; Cover by Alan DavisL