Captain Universe: Power Unimaginable
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TP January, 2006 500 Guns; A Mute Prayer For Deaf Ears; A Random Miracle; Atlantis Attacks, Part 11: War Zone: New York; Child Star; Eleven Angry Men... And One Angry Woman; Hearts and Minds; Nothing Stops the Hulk!; Petey - The Adventures of Peter Parker Before He Became Spider-Man!; Raven's Dark Sorcery; Salesday For a Shootout; School's Out!; Season of the Witch-Woman!; Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure, Part 3: Up From Slavery!; The Coming of... Witch-Woman!; The Master Race; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 11: Corporate Takeover; The Snakes Crawl at Night..; Tower of Blood, Part 2: Vengeance Forsaken!; Triumph of the Hunter; Voices Carry; Cover by Steve DitkoL