Batman: Knightfall (2012)
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TP Vol 2 May, 2012 Knightquest; 2 Face, Part 1: Double Cross; 2 Face, Part 2: Bad Judgement; Ballistic; Code Name: Mekros; Cold Cases; Commissioner Gordon: The Long Dark Night; Creatures Of Clay-Part 2; Dark Dance; Joe Public: The Birth of a Hero; Knightfall, Part 13; Knightfall, Part 14; KnightQuest: The Crusade; Losing the Light; Malevolent Maniaxe; Midnight Duel; Mortal Remains; Night Becomes Woman; Out-Gunned; Phoenix in Chaos; Runaway; Smash Cut; The Cutting Room Floor; The Immigrant: Rosemary's Baby; The Kobra Kronicles, Part 3: Shadow of the Honeycreeper; The Tally Man, Part 1; The Tally Man, Part 2; Town Tamer; Wild, Wild East; New EditionL