Captain America By Jack Kirby Omnibus (2011)
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HC February, 2011 Agron Walks the Earth!; Alamo II!; Arnim Zola -- The Bio-Fanatic!!; Captain America's Bicentennial Battles: Mister Buda!!! / The Lost Super-Hero! / My Fellow Americans! / Stop Here For Glory! / The Face of the Future!; Face to Face With the Swine!; Mad, Mad Dimension!; Madbomb Epilogue: The Night People!; Madbomb, Part 1: Screamer in the Brain!; Madbomb, Part 2: The Trojan Horde; Madbomb, Part 3: 1984!; Madbomb, Part 4: Kill-Derby; Madbomb, Part 5: The Rocks Are Burning!; Madbomb, Part 6: Captain America's Love Story; Madbomb, Part 7: The Man Who Sold the United States; Madbomb, Part 8: Dawn's Early Light!; Nazi ''X''!; Power; Showdown Day!; The Face of a Hero! Yours!!; The Great Mutant Massacre!; The Night Flyer!; The River of Death!; The Thing From the Black Hole Star!; The Tiger and the Swine!!; The Unburied One!; Cover by Jack KirbyN