Golden Age Spectre Archives
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HC Vol 1 2003 Adventure in Central America; Death in the Saloon; Death Stalks the Campus; Dr. Fate; Dr. Mephisto; Fur Chiselers; Gabby Disappears; Murder Mystery; Murders in Baranga Marsh; Riddle of the Statuette; Spectre; Tale of a Shirt; Terror at Lytell's; The Arsonist; The Daring Daylight Diamond Robbery; The Death-Threats; The Flying Dragons; The Fur Hi-Jackers; The Ghost of Elmer Watson; The Golden Curse Deaths; The Horse Thieves; The Incredible Robberies; The Jade Hatchett; The Mad Creation of Professor Fenton; The Magnetic Mines; The Menace of Wotan; The Menace of Xnon; The Mystery Message; The Origin of Doctor Fate; The Return of Zor; The Search for Africa's Ancient Ruins; The Search for Wotan; The Shadow Killers; The Sky Hijackers; The Society of Assassins; The Spectre Strikes; The Spiritualist; The Stolen Pearls; The Wolf Master; The World Within the Paintings; Transfer to Newport News; Trigger Daniels' Death Curse; Wotan and Karkull; ZorL