Showcase Presents: Sea Devils
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TP Vol 1 July, 2012 4 Mysteries of the Sea!; A Bottleful of Sea Devils!; Battle of the Undersea Giants!; Challenge of the Fish Champions!; Ghost from the Deep!; Secret of 3 Sunken Ships!; Secret of the Coral Creature!; Secret of the Emerald Whale; Secret of the Plumed Serpent; Secret of the Sunken Sub!; Secret of Volcano Lake!; Sentinel of the Golden Head!; Star of the Sea; The Creature Who Stole the 7 Seas; The Curse of Neptune's Giant!; The Flame-Headed Watchman!; The Human Tidal Wave!; The Sea Devils vs. the Octopus Man; The Sea of Nightmares!; The Sea of Sorcery!; The Strange Reign of Queen Judy and King Biff; The Threat of the Magnetic Menace!; Underwater Crime WaveL