Captain Britain (2011)
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HC Vol 1 June, 2011 Birth of a Legend; --Will You Never Win?; ...From the Ashes!; ...Gathering of Gladiators!; ...Once Upon a Death Wish!; ...That Camelot Might Live!; ...To Die a Superhero!; A Hero Unmasked!; A Throne Threatened!; An Odyssey of the Mind!; And the Highwayman Came Riding, Riding...!; Burn, Witch, Burn!; Captain Britain Has Been Beaten!; Captain Britain!; Dagger of the Mind!; Death Duel!; Demon-Fire!; Even Heroes Bleed!; From the Holocaust-- A Hero!; Havoc at Heathrow!; Hickory, Dickory ...Death!; Hour of the Hurricane!; In the Shadow of the Hawk!; Lonely Are the Hunted!; Mayhem at Midnight!; Mayhem on a Monday Morning!; Night of the Hawk!; Only the Strong Survive!; Panic in Piccadilly!; Riot on Regent Street!; S.H.I.E.L.D. Strikes Out!; Sea Fury!; The Fall of the Fourth Reich?; The Malevolent Menace of Mastermind!; The Night Big Ben Stood Still!; The Revenge of the Red Skull!; The Star Sceptre!; They've Kidnapped the Prime Minister!; Two Died With Honour!; When Hero Turns Villain!; While the World Gently Weeps!; Wind of Death!; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 7: Holocaust/Swordsman vs. the Valkyrie; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 8: Captain America vs. Sub-Mariner; Captured-- In Viet Nam!; Kraven is the Hunter!L