Chronicles of Conan (2003-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 10 March, 2006 When Giants Walk the Earth and Other Stories; He Who Waits-- In the Well of Skelos!; Swordless in Stygia; The Battle at the Black Walls!; The Eye of the Serpent; The Hawk-Riders of Harakht!; The Lost Valley of Iskander!; Trial By Combat!; Vengeance in Asgalun; When Giants Walk the Earth!L
TP Vol 11 February, 2007 The Dance of the Skull and Other Stories; Demons At the Summit; Of Swordsmen and Sorcerers; The Dance of the Skull!; The Devourer of the Dead; The Diadem of the Giant-Kings!; The Hyborian Age; The Queen and the Corsairs; The Sorceress of the Swamp!; The Sword and the Serpent; Two Against the Hawk-CityL
TP Vol 13 November, 2007 Whispering Shadows and Other Stories; Bride of the Vampire; Chaos in the Land Called Kush!; Demon of the Night!; The Devil Has Many Legs!; The Men Who Drink Blood; The Moon-Eaters of Darfar!; The Thing in the Crypt!; The Vale of Lost Women; Whispering Shadows!L
TP Vol 14 March, 2008 Shadow of the Beast; A Devil in the Family!; A War of Wizards!; Beware the Bear of Heaven!; Buryat Besieged!; Cimmerian Against a City!!; Sons of the Bear God!; The Moon-Eaters of Darfar!; The Shadow of the Beast!L
TP Vol 15 July, 2008 The Corridor of Mullah-Kajar and Other Stories; The Hand of Erlik; The Phoenix on the Sword; Crawler in the Mist!; The Corridor of -- Mullah-Kajar; The Hand of Erlik!; The Price of Perfection; The Voice of One Long Gone; Valley of Forever Night; The Crawler in the Mists!L
TP Vol 16 December, 2008 The Eternity War and Other Stories; Monster From Hell; The Blood Red Eye of Truth!; The City Where Time Stood Still; The Eternity War!; The Horror Beneath the Hills!; The Witches of NexxxL