Essential Web of Spider-Man (2011-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 September, 2011 'Til Death Do Us Part!; All That Glitters...; Arms and the Man!; Fox Hunt; Give Me a Hand, Future Max!; Gold Rush!; Have You Seen... The Vigilante Man?; Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make... Or Vulture is as Vulture Does!; Law and Order; Local (Super)Hero!; Point of View; The Enemy Within!; The Longest Road!; The Magma Solution; The Twilight Heroes; There, But For Fortune!; This Gold is Mine!; Treasures!; Underworld!; Wake Me Up I Gotta Be Dreaming; Welcome... To My Nightmare!; You're Lying, Peter Parker!; Cover by Charles VessL
TP Vol 2 July, 2012 Beware the Stalker From the Stars!; High $take$; Humbug!; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 1: The Coffin; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 2: Crawling; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 3: Descent; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 4: Resurrection; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 5: Thunder; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 6: Ascending; Little Wars!; Mask; Nothing to Fear...; Pin-Up Book; Profit of Doom; Scared to Succeed!; Slip Slydin' Away!; The Enemy Unknown!; The Wages of Sin; Torch BearingL