King Conan (1980-1983)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1B March, 1980 King Conan; The Witch of the Mists ; Direct Edition; Cover by John BuscemaL
2B June, 1980 The Black Sphinx of Nebthu!; Direct EditionL
5B March, 1981 The Ring of Rakhamon! ; Direct EditionL
6A June, 1981 Vengeance from the Desert! ; Newsstand EditionL
7B September, 1981 A Clash of Kings!; Direct EditionL
9B March, 1982 Bones of the Brown Man; Direct EditionL
10A May, 1982 The Fang of Set; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Ernie Chan - 'Ernie Chua'L
13B November, 1982 Circle of Sorcery; Direct EditionL
14A January, 1983 Kings of Fire and Darkness; Newsstand EditionL
15B March, 1983 The Looters of R'Shann; Direct EditionL