Essential Marvel Two-in-One (2005-2011)
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TP Vol 1 2005 A Tale of Two Countries!; And Now(Crossed Out)-- Then-- The Invaders!; Claws of the Cougar!; Cry: Monster!; Dark, Dark Demon-Night!; Death on the Bridge to Heaven!; Death-Song of Destiny!; Does Anyone Remember... The Hijacker?!; Doomsday 3014!; Ghost Town!; I Created Braggadoom! The Mountain That Walked Like a Man!; I Have to Fight the Basilisk!; Inside Black Spectre!; Into the Savage Land!; Is This the Day the World Ends?; Manhunters From the Stars!; Name That Doom!; Seven Against the Empire!; Showdown at Sea!; Silent Night... Deadly Night!; The Bite of the Blood Brothers!; The Return of the Living Eraser!; The Stalker in the Sands!; The Thing Goes South!; Their Name is Legion!; This City-- Afire!; Touch Not the Hand of Seth!; Vengeance of the Molecule Man!; When a God Goes Mad!; The Thing Goes South!; Dark, Dark Demon-Night!; Cover by James Starlin - 'Jim Starlin'L