Essential Marvel Two-in-One (2005-2011)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 4 December, 2011 Aftermath!; An Eagle From America! / The American Eagle! / Never Break the Chain! / --The Dinosaur Graveyard; And One Shall Die--!; And They Shall Call Him... Champion!; Call Him... Monster!; Cry For Beloved Canada!; Disaster at Diablo Reactor; Eyes of the Sorcerer; Farewell, My Lummox!; In the Shadow of the Sphinx!; Monster Man!; No Home For Heroes!; Shanga, the Star-Dancer!; The Fatal Effects of Virus X!; The Final Fate of Giant-Man!; The Last Word!; The Power to Live... The Power to Die!...; The Power Trap!; This Evil-- Returning!; Time Runs Like Sand!; Vid Wars!; Visiting Hours!; Where Stalks the Sasquatch!; Yesterdaze!L