Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Ben Reilly Epic (2011-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 August, 2011 Cyberwar, Part 1: True Deceptions!; Cyberwar, Part 2: Caught in the Game!; Cyberwar, Part 3: Along Came a Virtual Spider; Cyberwar, Part 4: Arachnis Ex Machina Spider in the Machine; Joystick on My Mind; Return to Springdale; Slave Machine; The Parker Years; Ultimate Commitment; Virtual Mortality, Part 1: There's a New Spider in Town; Virtual Mortality, Part 2: Violated by the Virtual; Virtual Mortality, Part 3: To Thine Own Self...; Virtual Mortality, Part 4: Between a Rock and a Hard-Drive!; You Say You Want an Evolution!; Cover by Steven Butler - 'Steve Butler'L
TP Vol 2 October, 2011 A Matter of Faith; Blasts From the Past!; Brother's Keeper; Companions; Cyberwar, Part 3: Along Came a Virtual Spider; Media Blizzard, Part 1: Of Mists and Mirrors; Media Blizzard, Part 2: Impossible, Be My Dream!; Media Blizzard, Part 3: Unplugged; Merry Christmas, Mister Storm; Nightmare in Scarlet, Part 1: Rude Awakening!; Nightmare in Scarlet, Part 2: The Evil Among Us; Nightmare in Scarlet, Part 3: Red Reign; Redemption; The Cat Who Stole Christmas; The Fall; The Game of Life; The Venom Claus; Virtual Mortality, Part 3: To Thine Own Self...; Cover by Joe St. PierreL
TP Vol 3 December, 2011 A Show of Force (or: Clones, Bones and Doc Ock!); Ambush; Destiny's Web; Night Work; Skin Deep; The Return of Kaine, Part 1: Reluctant Lazarus; The Return of Kaine, Part 2: Remains of the Day; The Return of Kaine, Part 3: Of Wagers and Wars; The Return of Kaine, Part 4: End Game; The Skull Jackets; The Thin Line; To End the Begin; Web of Carnage, Part 1: Headlines; Web of Carnage, Part 2: And Now -- Spider-Carnage; Web of Carnage, Part 3: Who Am I?; Web of Carnage, Part 4: Inner Demons; Cover by Mark Bagley,Larry MahlstedtL
TP Vol 4 April, 2012 Above it All; Blood Brothers, Part 1: Shooting Spider-Man; Blood Brothers, Part 2: Targets!; Blood Brothers, Part 3: Into the Depths; Blood Brothers, Part 4: Leap of Faith; Blood Brothers, Part 5: Collisions With the Past; Blood Brothers, Part 6: The Face of My Enemy!; Bug Story; Burning Bright; Chains; Charming Devils; Fables of the Reconstruction; It Begins With a Bang, Not a Whimper!; The Ultimate Responsibility; The Wizards Fantastic; War Games; YesterdayL
TP Vol 5 July, 2012 Deadly is Delilah!; Free Will; Global Swarming; High Drama; Little Deaths; Onslaught Impact 2: ...The World's Gone Mad!; Onslaught Impact 2: Siege; Puppets; Sudden Sacrifices; Suicidal Tendencies; Swarmed!; The Promise; The Road Back; The Sting of Conscience!; The Usual Suspects; Webs of Time; Cover by Al Williamson,John Romita, Jr.L
TP Vol 6 October, 2012 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga; A New Day Dawning; Crescent City Memories; Game's End; Last of the Heroes; Legacy; Revelations, Part 1: Walking Into Spiderwebs; Revelations, Part 2: Deadly Diversions; Revelations, Part 3: Torment; Revelations, Part 4: The Night of the Goblin!; Secrets!; Spider-Man: The Osborn Journals; Cover by Al Williamson,John Romita, Jr.L