Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Ben Reilly Epic (2011-Present)
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TP Vol 2 October, 2011 A Matter of Faith; Blasts From the Past!; Brother's Keeper; Companions; Cyberwar, Part 3: Along Came a Virtual Spider; Media Blizzard, Part 1: Of Mists and Mirrors; Media Blizzard, Part 2: Impossible, Be My Dream!; Media Blizzard, Part 3: Unplugged; Merry Christmas, Mister Storm; Nightmare in Scarlet, Part 1: Rude Awakening!; Nightmare in Scarlet, Part 2: The Evil Among Us; Nightmare in Scarlet, Part 3: Red Reign; Redemption; The Cat Who Stole Christmas; The Fall; The Game of Life; The Venom Claus; Virtual Mortality, Part 3: To Thine Own Self...; Cover by Joe St. PierreL