Essential X-Men (1997-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 5 July, 2004 --Juggernaut's Back in Town!; An Age Undreamed Of; Fun 'n' Games!; He'll Never Make Me Cry; It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...!; Legacy of the Lost; Lifedeath; Lifedeath: From the Heart of Darkness; Madness; Public Enemy!; Raiders of the Lost Temple; Scavenger Hunt; The Adventures of Lockheed the Space Dragon and His Pet Girl Kitty; The Past... Of Future Days; To Save Arcade?!?; Tokyo Story; Two Girls Out to Have Fun!; Warhunt 2; What Was That?!!; Whose Life is It, Anyway?; Wraithkill!; Cover by John Romita, Jr.L
TP Vol 6 August, 2005 Crossroads; Duel; Freedom is a Four-Letter Word!; Ghosts; Home is Where the Heart is; Mutant Massacre, Part 1: The Morning After; Mutant Massacre, Part 10: Psylocke; Mutant Massacre, Part 2: Spots!; Mutant Massacre, Part 3: Massacre; Mutant Massacre, Part 4: Falling Angel!; Mutant Massacre, Part 5: Bloody Sunday; Mutant Massacre, Part 6: The Gift of Death; Mutant Massacre, Part 7: The Last Run; Mutant Massacre, Part 8: Fires of the Night!; Mutant Massacre, Part 9: Redemption!; Retribution; Salvation; The Spiral Path; The Trial of Magneto!; There's No Place Like Home; What Happened to Nightcrawler?; Whose Power--?; Wounded Wolf; X-Men... I've Gone to Kill-- The Beyonder!L
TP Vol 7 June, 2006 A Matter of Faith; Are You Sure?!; By the Soul's Darkest Light; Charge of the Light Brigade; Crucible; Deadly Games!; Death By Drowning!; False Dawn!; Folly's Gambit; Go Tell the Spartans; Heartbreak!; Lost in the Funhouse; Old Soldiers; Omens and Portents; Performance; The Belly of the Beast!; The Dark Before the Dawn; Truth and Consequences; Unfinished Business; Where Duty Lies; With Malice Toward All!L