Essential X-Men (1997-Present)
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TP Vol 8 November, 2007 'Twas the Night...; ...Dressed For Dinner!; Busting Loose!; Dawn of Blood; Down Under; Earthfall; Glory Day; Gonna Be a Revolution; I Want My X-Men!; Inferno, Part 1: Strike the Match; Inferno, Part 2: Transformations!; Inferno, Part 3: Fan the Flames; Inferno, Part 4: A Matter of Honor; Inferno, Part 5: Burn!; Inferno, Part 6: Duet!; Inferno, Part 7: Ashes; Inferno, Part 8: Ashes to Ashes; Inferno, Prologue: Vanities; The Evolutionary War, Part 7: Resurrection!; The Saga of High Evolutionary, Part 7: Demon Night; Welcome to Genosha... A Green and Pleasant Land; Who's Human?; Cover by Marc SilvestriL