Essential X-Men (1997-Present)
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TP Vol 9 May, 2009 All-New, All-Different -- Here We Go Again!; Atlantis Attacks, Part 3: Double X Cross; Broken Chains; Crash and Burn; Dream a Little Dream; Fever Dream; Harriers Hunt; Hot Pursuit; I Am Lady Mandarin; Jubilation Day!; Ladies' Night; Men!; Scary Monsters; Star 90; Storm Warnings!; The Cradle Will Fall!; The Dane Curse; The Day of Other Lights!; The Key That Breaks the Locke; The Light That Failed; The Lower Depths; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 3: Serpent in the Garden; The Shattered Star; Where's Wolverine?!?; Cover by Marc SilvestriL