Mighty Avengers: Dark Reign (2011)
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HC August, 2011 Chasing Ghosts; Court-Martial; Earth's Mightiest, Part 1: The Smartest Man in the Room; Earth's Mightiest, Part 2: The Writing on the Wall; Earth's Mightiest, Part 3: Three Words; How I'll Remember You; Mighty/Dark, Part 1: The Real Deal; Mighty/Dark, Part 2: Deus Ex Machinations; Mighty/Fantastic, Part 1: The Baxter Job; Mighty/Fantastic, Part 2: You Can't Get There From Here; Pre-Siege Mentality; Salvation, Part 1: Heir Apparent; Salvation, Part 2: WWJVDD (What Would Janet Van Dyne Do?); The Creature From Kosmos!; The Unspoken, Part 1; The Unspoken, Part 2; The Unspoken, Part 3; The Unspoken, Part 4; The Unspoken, Part 5; Hunted; Cover by Khoi PhamL