X-Men: Operation - Zero Tolerance (2012)
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HC August, 2012 Adrift; Coming Home; Girl Talk; Heart of the Matter; Homecoming; Last Exit; Moving Target, Part 1: No Escape; Moving Target, Part 2: Siege; Moving Target, Part 3: Man to Man; Operation: Zero Tolerance, Prelude: Oh, Now I Get It...; Operation: Zero Tolerance, Prelude: The Last X-Man; Operation: Zero Tolerance, Prologue: First Blood; Operation: Zero Tolerance: No Surrender; Operation: Zero Tolerance: Rites of Passage; Operation: Zero Tolerance: Some Things Hurt More Than Cars and Girls; Psi War!; Roadside Attractions; Stand-Off; Start Spreadin' the News...; The End of Days; The Story of the Year!; The Submergence of Japan!; To Save the Savage Land; Transitions; Visions of Death!; Ye Double Feature; The Submergence of Japan!L