Champions (1975-1978)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1A October, 1975 The World Still Needs... The Champions!; Cover by Gil KaneL
2A January, 1976 Whom the Gods Would Join...; Cover by Ron WilsonL
3A February, 1976 Assault on Olympus; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
4 March, 1976 Murder at Malibu!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
5A April, 1976 The Economy is So Bad That...; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
8A October, 1976 Divide and Conquer!; Cover by Gil KaneL
9 December, 1976 The Battle of Los Angeles!; Cover by Gil KaneL
11A February, 1977 The Shadow From the Stars; Cover by Gil KaneL
12A March, 1977 Did Someone Say... The Stranger?; Cover by Dave CockrumL