Cable Classic (2008-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 May, 2008 A Leader Among Men; A Show of Power!; Mired in Destiny; Rocks and Waves; Twenty Questions; Cover by Rob LiefeldL
TP Vol 2 September, 2009 Fathers and Sons, Part 1: Sunset Breaks; Fathers and Sons, Part 2: Illuminated Knights; Fathers and Sons, Part 3: Dayspring; Fear & Loathing, Part 1: The Quick and the Dead; Fear & Loathing, Part 2: A Kiss Before Dying!; Fear & Loathing, Part 3: ...Son of the Goblin Queen!; Sinsearly Yours, Sincerely Mine...; The Killing Field, Part 1: In Humanity; The Killing Field, Part 2: Like Lambs to the Slaughter...; The Killing Field, Part 3: Divide and Conquer; Cover by Dwayne TurnerL
TP Vol 3 August, 2012 A Legion Quest Addendum: An Hour of Last Things; Phalanx Covenant, Book 3: Final Sanction, Part 2: The Phalanx Sanction; Shadows; The Dark Ride, Part 1: The Calling; The Dark Ride, Part 2: Judgment Day; The Dark Ride, Part 3: In the Name of the Father; The Phalanx Covenant, Book 3: The Final Sanction, Part 1: Full Shred Thrash; Cover by Steve SkroceL