Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island (2012)
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TP September, 2012 Can't Get the Service, Part 2; Can't Get the Service, Part 3; Capital Punishment; Crossroads; Fantastic Voyage, Part 1; Fantastic Voyage, Part 2; I'll Never Let You Go; Infested, Part 1: Bug Time; Infested, Part 2: Great Power; Infested, Part 3: Great Responsibility; Infested, Part 4: Out of Nowhere; Infested, Part 5: Wall-to-Wall; Out of the Picture; Spider-Island, Epilogue: The Naked City; Spider-Island, Part 1; Spider-Island, Part 2; Spider-Island, Part 2: Peter Parker, the Unspectacular Spider-Man; Spider-Island, Part 3; Spider-Island, Part 3: Arachnotopia; Spider-Island, Part 4: Spiders, Spiders Everywhere; Spider-Island, Part 5: A New Hope; Spider-Island, Part 6: Boss Battle; Spider-Island, Prologue: The One and Only; Thanks... But No Thanks; The Choice; The Return of Anti-Venom, Part 1: The Ghost of Jean DeWolff; The Return of Anti-Venom, Part 2: Revelation Day; The Substitute, Part 2; What I Did For Love; Cover by Humberto RamosL