Conan the Barbarian (1970-1993)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
12 December, 1971 The Dweller in the Dark; The Blood of the Dragon; Cover by Gil KaneL
17A August, 1972 The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, Part 1; Cover by Gil KaneL
21 December, 1972 The Monster of the Monoliths; Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith - 'Barry Smith'L
25 April, 1973 The Mirrors of Kharam Akkad; Cover by Gil Kane,Ralph ReeseL
26 May, 1973 The Hour of the Griffin!; Cover by John Buscema,John Romita, Sr.L
29 August, 1973 Two Against Turan!; Cover by Gil KaneL
30 September, 1973 The Hand of Nergal!; Cover by Gil KaneL
33 December, 1973 Death and 7 Wizards!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.,Herb TrimpeL
46 January, 1975 The Curse of the Conjurer!; Cover by John Buscema,John Romita, Sr.L
47A February, 1975 Goblins in the Moonlight!; Cover by Gil KaneL
57 December, 1975 Incident in Argos!; Cover by Gil KaneL
62A May, 1976 Lord of the Lions!; Cover by Gil KaneL
65A August, 1976 Fiends of the Feathered Serpent!; Cover by Gil KaneL
66 September, 1976 Daggers and Death Gods!; Cover by Gil KaneL
67 October, 1976 Talons of the Man-Tiger!; Cover by Gil KaneL
219A June, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
219B June, 1989 Direct EditionL
220A July, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
221A August, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
222A September, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
223A October, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
225A November, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
226A December, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
227A December, 1989 Newsstand EditionL
228A January, 1990 Newsstand EditionL
229A February, 1990 Newsstand EditionL
231A April, 1990 Newsstand EditionL
232A May, 1990 Newsstand EditionL
233A June, 1990 Newsstand EditionL
Annual 2 February, 1976 The Phoenix on the SwordL