Essential Punisher (2004-Present)
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TP Vol 4 September, 2012 A Public Service Message; Bark Like a Dog; Border Run; Cold Cache; Death Below Zero; Fat Farm; Final Days, Part 3: Plea Bargain; Flag Burner; Genesis of a Vigilante; Golden Buddha; Icecapade; Lupe; One Way Fare; Should a Gentleman Offer a Tiparillo to a Lady?; St. Paradine's; The Brattle Gun, Part 1; The Brattle Gun, Part 2; The Final Days, Part 1: The Finger; The Final Days, Part 2: The Squeeze; The Final Days, Part 4: The Jailhouse Rock; The Final Days, Part 5: America's Most Hunted; The Final Days, Part 6: The Noose Tightens; The Final Days, Part 7: Changes; The Punisher's Top Ten Villains!; The System Bytes, Part 1: Byte By Byte; The Vengeance Routine; The Von Strucker Gambit, Part 2: The Cutting Edge; Yo YoL