Essential Punisher (2004-Present)
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TP Vol 3 January, 2009 Atlantis Attacks, Part 5: Knight Fight; Capture the Flag!; Change Partners and Dance; Confession; Crankin'; Dark Seeker; Exo-Skeleton; Forewarned or Foretold?; Jigsaw Puzzle, Part 1: Jigsaw Puzzle; Jigsaw Puzzle, Part 2: The Neighborhood Defense Fund; Jigsaw Puzzle, Part 3: Perilous Passage; Jigsaw Puzzle, Part 4: Basuco; Jigsaw Puzzle, Part 5: A Man of Wealth and Taste; Jigsaw Puzzle, Part 6: End of the Game; Land of the Eternal Sun; Lifeform, Part 1: The Programma Strain!; Ninja Training Camp; Philanthropy; Punisher's Fighting Techniques, Part 1; Punisher's Fighting Techniques, Part 2; Reaver Fever; Speedy Solution; Sunset in Kansas; The Boxer; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 5: Heirs Apparent; The Whistle Blower; Too Many Dooms; Your Tax Dollar$ at Work; Cover by Bill ReinholdL